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The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout (Xbox 360) Review

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If you watch television of any sort, then you’ve heard about the popular reality show The Biggest Loser on NBC. If you don’t watch the show yourself, then you’ve at least heard it referenced on one of the many entertainment shows like Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight. It’s literally become part of our popular culture. We all have different reasons for watching. Whether it’s to find inspiration from those bettering their lives on the show or to sit in judgment of them for getting to that point in the first place, the show is quite entertaining. Thanks to Blitz and THQ, we can now bring the action home like never before with The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout for Xbox 360 Kinect.

The biggest and most noticeable difference between Ultimate Workout for Kinect and other workout or fitness games is the fact that you really feel like you’re doing a cardio workout. Thanks to Kinect making you the controller, there is no cheating here. The game itself is setup pretty well with a simple user interface a variety of workouts. If you’ve had any experience with the Xbox 360 Kinect up to now, you’re aware that the system requires a fair amount of space. Ultimate Workout will utilize all of it and for good reason. This game really is a workout. That becomes evident the moment your infrared counterpart pops up in the corner of the screen and makes you suddenly think that you might not be in as good a shape as you thought.

Work it Bob

Before the workouts start and you become self-conscious, there’s the matter of setting things up. This includes picking and choosing everything from the onscreen version of you to how long you want your workouts to last. The game itself can scan you and setup your statistics for you, or you can go in and edit all of this yourself manually. Again, it’s all very simple and worth it because your physical stats play a part in workouts if you’re buying this game to get a serious workout, you want the right numbers in there. Fans of the show will love the fact that you actually have weigh-ins each week. For this you’ll need a real scale and input the data yourself. Since no one is watching over your shoulder, it’s best to put in the correct weight. If you don’t, you’re only cheating yourself. Following your own personal results show, you’ll have the option to increase or decrease the difficulty depending on how you feel the game is going personally.

Kinect does a great job of tracking you during workouts with the exception of exercises that require you to be completely flat on the floor. I these rare instances, your coach might keep prompting you to do something you’re already doing because the camera doesn’t realize or pick you up. This quickly goes from motivational to frustrating. Thankfully you can bypass this and just as quickly as you got aggravated, you can be calmed down and working out again. Outside of a few floor exercises though, Ultimate Workout’s recognition is spot on.

Just like the actual show, you can workout with partners. This can be done over Xbox LIVE, which is pretty cool since a lot of people out there need a little extra push from working out with others. There’s even a challenge mode that offers players a lineup of exercises and routines they’ve already ran through. These competitive elements add a touch of fun to what could otherwise be considered work. The highlight here is that there are plenty of exercises to run through, which means you won’t get bored and possibly give up. The steady dose of new routines keeps things fresh and potentially keeps the gamers who need to workout interested.

Jillian is there too

The graphics in The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout aren’t going to blow your mind, but do a perfectly fine job. With environments based on the show’s locations like the gym and outdoor areas of the ranch, fans will feel like there in the show. Bob and Julianne provide their voices for motivation which go along with quotes appearing on posters thoughout the gyms in the game. The voice-over work is great and only becomes a problem when you have those floor exercises that result in repeated requests from Bob or Jillian to “get lower” or “all the way to the floor” when you’re completely flat. But the audio, like the visuals do a solid job.

Overall this workout game does what most don’t; it gives you a real workout. There are a lot of games in the fitness genre out there, but most let you cheat by shaking a controller. Ultimate Workout makes you shake your bottom, so the workout is always real and almost always fun.  I was surprised by this new offering from THQ and think most other gamers will be too. If you’re looking for a fun workout that will give you real results, then The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout is a must. Get off the couch and give it a try.









#1 workoutcarol christopherson 2011-04-20 12:53
I feel the workout is slow in starting up and not user friendly,or I am doing something wrong.

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