GoFanBoy exists to connect us Lego Star Wars geeks and provide you with the latest, greatest and slightly dull news regarding the video game industry. Whether it’s an update about some bleeding zombies or the latest over-hyped, ridiculous call of duty update, we shall have you covered.

I’ve been writing about games for quite a while now, and since my bro is a web developer he reluctantly agreed to set me this website up. I’ve no idea what I’m doing, but like all things in life, I’m sure I’ll learn. Now anyway, back to the games.

GoFanBoy reports on whatever ‘news’ has just come out of the latest conference, who looked the most insanely dressed at comicon, and what the younger generation has done to ruin Mario Kart. Nah I’m just kidding, I still love it!

I’ve linked to a variety of other news websites from the site. I’m not doing this for some insane commercial benefit, although if the gaming companies wanna chuck me a freebie or two in exchange for an *honest* review, I’d not be one to say no!

Enough for now.


// John

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