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Video Games are now a Permanent Part of Modern Culture

The video gaming industry is growing at a phenomenal rate and is showing no signs of slowing down. The gaming industry made a whopping $23.5 billion dollars in 2015 and this number is 5% more than what was earned in 2014. These numbers clearly indicate that video games are big business and that they are going to be around for many years into the future.


One of the biggest reasons why the video gaming industry is so strong has to do with the culture. Millions of Americans play or have played a video game at some point in time. Nearly everyone plays games a console, computer or mobile device. Also, there are many different games that appeal to just about every person alive.


Games from the Past Built the Current Foundation for the Gaming Culture


The gaming culture was formed in the 80s. It was during this time that video games started to really impact the culture. Games such as Galaga, Centipede and Mrs. Pac Man helped to lay the foundation to the video game culture. These games helped to usher in a new era for mankind. Seriously, that statement is no joke. The video games that were around during the 80’s revolutionized the culture and how people would structure their lives around gaming. This never went away. Since the 80s, the home life of many American people (and those around the world) are strongly connected to video games.


Video Games Appeal to all People


The older generation liked to play games such as chess, checkers, dominoes, bingo, Scrabble, Monopoly and even Uno. All of these classic board game titles are available in software or application form. Adults who have been around since introduction of video games play retro titles such as Pac Man, Pong, Space Invaders, Dig Dug and Qbert.


The Super Nintendo generation has nostalgic games such as Donkey Kong World, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart to keep them entertained. Sony Playstation fans should not forget Crash Bandicoot, PaRappa the Rapper, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy VII. Computer games such as the Age of Empire Series, the Total War franchise and World of Warcraft has elevated gaming to a whole other level.


Halo, Call of Duty and Madden Football have helped to establish the gaming culture in the 2000s. Mobile games were all the rage in the 2010s. Games such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Subway Surfer, Talking Tom (and Angele) and Five Nights at Freddy’s have become a part of the modern culture. Once again, that is the secret to the success of gaming.


The point is that all of these games from the past (and present) have cemented video games into the hearts and minds of millions of people. People wake up playing games and they fall asleep while playing them as well. Games help to pass the time and keep people from being bored. They also can be used to help people to calm down when they are angry.


People also socialize through gaming and there has even been some instances where people have found their future husband or wife by playing a video game.

The world of gaming is getting bigger as each new generation embraces it. Gaming companies and developers understand this fact. They are now making thousands of game titles each year that will constantly help to make the gaming world a permanent part of the culture.


Parents and the Gaming Industry


Parents are important to the world of gaming. They are responsible for controlling their children’s playing habits. While many people adults between the ages of 25 and 50 have outgrown video games; a lot of them still continue to play. Parents that still play games have become indirect advocates for the gaming industry.


Moms and dads often promote their love of gaming onto their children. Since they do, the gaming industry can count on them to purchase and even play games with their children. This is especially true for families where the children are 10 and under. Family time is now being centered on video games. Developers are now making more titles that appeal to both parents and children. These type of games are going to become more common starting in 2017 and beyond.


The Gaming Industry and the Merchandising Effect


Video games are now moving outside of the digital world and are showing up in all sorts of merchandise. Back in 2010 when Angry Birds had bombarded the mobile gaming world; stores everywhere had some type of Angry Birds merchandise. Whether it was a backpack, costume, t-shirt or key chain; Angry Bird paraphernalia dominated the landscape. In the future, more video game titles are going to be created with merchandising in mind.


Video Game Channels are becoming more Prominent Among Gamers


Millions of people not only play video games they also watch them. At least 120 million people tune in every month to watch gamers play their favorite titles. Game watching is becoming a huge pastime for so many people that commercial sponsorship is now available for some of the better players. A person can literally make a living by playing a video game if they have a large viewing audience.

Players are now becoming Involved in the Developing Process

Game creators are now using more players to help create titles for their systems. Players are now being included within the developmental process for some games. Many players often complain about games not having the right elements or features that they desire.

Developers are allowing players to become more involved within the creation process so they can sell more titles. They want to ensure that players are getting the type of games that they want to spend their money on. This process is going to become more widespread in the future and it will also help to guarantee a constant revenue stream from gamers.


The Rise of eSports


Video game players can now compete like real life sports athletes. There are video game leagues that actually have different franchised teams with sponsors, coaches and team members. eSports have been around for years but now they are coming to the forefront of popular culture. They have already been very successful in Asian markets. American markets are going to start going mainstream within a short amount of time.

Keep in mind that there are millions of people who enjoy watching people play games. With eSports competitions; people can view their favorite teams compete in video game matches. Teams often compete for millions in cash prizes and there are some stand out star video athletes as well. eSports team members often train for months for competitions and they take their gaming seriously. When there is millions of dollars on the line they cannot afford to joke around or just play games. No pun intended.

The world of video gaming is expanding and growing bigger as each day passes. It is not going to fade away any time soon if at all. Video games are evolving and there is so much that can be done in terms of the technology and the type of games that are created. The future of the gaming industry looks bright and it will continue to get better as each year passes.

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