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Super Sidekicks (PS3) Review

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Super Sidekicks is a pretty awesome soccer game on the new NeoGeo Station platform. It's a basic soccer game that is basic and speedy enough that it comes off as intense. I'm not a fan of soccer at all but simplifying the game down to a basic and speedy shot without bringing much technical aspects to it lets it have a wider appeal. The arcade format will always beat the simulation style in terms of drawing larger audiences.

Super Sidekicks on PSN

The game is setup in two groups in an elimination style tournament. It's not a very deep setup but the online is a benefit where a fun game can be played without the game being taken advantage of like most older sports titles. That is perhaps Super Sidekicks biggest benefit, no obvious game breaking aspects.

The issue with sports titles is they can become dated very easily, the issue with Super Sidekicks is there are two more potential releases to come out of this NeoGeo Station project. Is Super Sidekicks a great soccer game? Yes but releasing the sequels to this game could kill the value of this title.








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