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Medal of Honor 2010 (PS3) Review

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It looks like another installment of the popular Medal of Honor series is now upon us, but this time it's simply titled Medal of Honor. Unlike the last version of the game, this one didn't even release before a getting a massive amount of controversy. It seems that developers of the game, Danger Close and DICE, were under a ton of pressure from the U.S. military for using Taliban fighters in the game. Long story short, the developers caved under the pressure and changed the names of the Taliban to the Opposing Force. That’s right gamers, our guys are fighting the evil “Opposing Force”. Doesn’t have the ring of Cobra, Evil Ninja, Taliban, or terrorists, but we get it.

Medal of Honor (2010) is actually a release of two games in one package. As mentioned above, the game was created by two different developers and don't even run on the same engine. However, as expected, the game itself is way to close in concept to Call of Duty; in fact, you may even mistake the game for its sequel.

It's too damn hot for this mask.

MoH’s single player campaign, developed by Danger Close, takes you to the heart of Afghanistan where you alternate between three groups of the best of the best soldiers consisting of the U.S. Rangers and two others from a group that the U.S. Army calls Tier-1. Your objective, kill as many Taliban, I mean Opposing Force fighter as possible. If the story line sounds simple, that's because it is. However, the voice acting and writing are very well done and prove that even a run-and-shoot game can be engrossing.

The controls can be only described as very accurate, hit detection is excellent and the head shots are superb. As far as the visuals go, all you have to do is take a look at some screen shots to see just how spectacular they are. Even though Afghanistan may not be the best place in the world to be right now, the scenery depicting the rugged mountains is fantastic. For the most part, you play alongside your buddies. The AI is quite good, but there were multiple times they would wander into my line of fire thereby ruining the shot. Unfortunately, the single player campaign is short, very short, so if you are not into multiplayer, you will be disappointed.

Multiplayer took me a couple of hours to get settled down, although not as fast as COD. I found myself getting sniped constantly, so until you get a feel for it, I suggest you dunk and cover. Dice did an excellent job of giving multiplayer an open world feel. There are four modes to play in, Combat Mission, Objective Raid, Team Assault and Sector Control, which are all standard multiplayer modes. To find your perfect fit, you will probably have to switch between the three players classes, Special Ops, rifleman or Sniper, each with its own unique functions.

Gimme all your shaving cream

Multiplayer is loads of fun, and DICE did a great job with the whole aspect of the game. However, its nothing new, as looks very similar to COD or Battlefield 2.

One thing that has become evident with combat shooter titles in recent years is that both developers and publishers are putting far more emphasis on multiplayer online experiences than they are the traditional single player game. Medal of Honor 2010 is no different. If you like to play the single player mode, then maybe you should wait for a while until the price comes down, because it is very short. It's a shame that people who play offline or enjoy a good campaign on the weekend keep getting ignored by developers. More and more we see games that seem to be designed as if everyone who games plays online for competition. Medal of Honor 2010 is good only if you plan on playing online. If not, the single-player campaign isn't worth 25% of the full retail price.





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#1 mojojojo 2010-10-22 13:17
this game is not worth it. the campaign is really short like he said and the online is frustrating. The maps are huge so everyone just snipes. also i hate the amount of times you must shoot someone to drop them but you get sniped with 1 bullet and you're a goner. i guess it could be worst. rent the game before you buy would be my advice.

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