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NBA 2K11 (PS3) Review

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The game that every basketball fan waits for each year is finally here (sorry EA). NBA 2K 11 has arrived and along with a very hearty helping of improvements and upgrades comes the man who made basketball the number one sport in America during his paying years – Michael Jordan. MJ’s role in the latest b-ball game from 2K Sports is more than just that of a playable character. 2K decided to recreate ten of the most famous games his greatness is known for and once you complete those, Mr. 23 is unlocked as a rookie that allows the greatest player in NBA history to play against today’s players (who of course pale in comparison – even Lebron).

Sure the inclusion of Michael Jordan is big, but even without 23 gracing the cover and hitting the hardwood, this is a great basketball game. NBA 2K11's success all centers around collaboration. It's the combination of realistic gameplay, improved ball handling and the best AI in any basketball game to date that go a long way toward making NBA 2K11 the greatest basketball game around. The fact that EA Sports can’t put out a decent competitor certainly helps 2K Sports’ cause.

Now you can be like Mike

NBA 2K11 shows an incredible attention to detail that goes all the way down to things like correct tattoos and free throw routines. The Oklahoma Thunder’s Kevin Durant even does his little shimmy. The Canuck that can’t dunk - Steve Nash goes through his practice motion and then quick dribble routine. This game shows that 2K Sports has once again nailed individual shooting styles.

2K11 even shines in the menu and interface department as the game has all the standard modes you would expect including the specials like the ‘Jordan Challenge’. The franchise modes, which are the meat of the game to many virtual ballers, are jam packed. ‘The Association’ could go down as the best in all of sports gaming. There’s just so much depth to the season modes that you can almost get lost in prospect scouting and player evaluations. And the inclusion of the new ‘Player Tendencies’ information helps you visualize the makeup of your team. You’ll be able to see how often a player shoots, passes, or fouls compared against the league average. The game-by-game presentation is great as well, making you want to play just one more game. It can often be overlooked, but simple audio drop-ins from the announcing team of Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg that reference a specific thing you did last game adds to the overall experience of the NBA season grind. And while the commentary does get repetitive after a season or so, it’s something you won’t mind listening to every few games just to get the full experience.

Lebron is no MJ

Overall NBA 2K11 is as good as any basketball game you could ever hope to play. Everything from the crowds on the court, to the game’s announcing, to the detailed play calling system - everything is as close to real NBA basketball as it can get. While EA Sports continues to try and get a grasp on the game of basketball, 2K Sports shows what a basketball game should be. It takes a lot of guts to put the greatest basketball player in NBA history on the cover. But considering this is the greatest basketball title in videogames, it makes sense. NBA 2K11 is in stores now.









#1 NiceChris 2010-10-08 08:55
I love this game it is certainly the best version of it yet. Oh you missed spelled "Play" in the beginning but who am I. Overall I agree with you review, not to mention you didn't even bring up the revamped "MY Player" mode which I love more so then the season. They even allow to have post game interviews, pretty cool to say the least. Oh and nice Joomla site.

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