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Several barbed wire advocacy groups are harshly criticizing Bethesda for portraying this fencing material as a violent and vicious tool.
The annual Xbox Spring Sale has begun. Add-ons for popular games such as Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas will be up to 75% off.
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is getting free DLC today. The update is titled Zomboss Down and adds western-themed character variants, a new map and over 200 customization options.
The Hindu God Kumbhakarna is coming to SMITE. The free-to-play MOBA game by Hi-Rez Studios is adding the Sleeping Giant as a playable character in a gameplay patch that is scheduled to roll out on April 15. Kumbhakarna is the...
Nintendo 64 Reviews
# Article Title Date Author
1 Paper Mario for N64 Review Feb, 07, 2001 Brandon Thompson
2 Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine N64 Review Dec, 22, 2000 Jonathan Lynch
3 Star Wars Episode I: Battle For Naboo N64 Review Dec, 18, 2000 Jonathan Lynch
4 Donald Duck Goin Quackers N64 Review Dec, 17, 2000 Brandon Thompson
5 All-Star Baseball '99 N64 Review Jun, 07, 2000 Brandon Thompson
6 International Superstar Soccer '98 N64 Review Sep, 15, 1998 Brandon Thompson
7 Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls N64 Review Aug, 24, 1998 Brandon Thompson
8 Hexen 64 N64 Review Aug, 08, 1998 Brandon Thompson
9 Wetrix for N64 Review Jul, 17, 1998 Brandon Thompson
10 Doom 64 N64 Review Jun, 07, 1998 Brandon Thompson
11 FIFA: World Cup 98 N64 Review Nov, 07, 1997 Brandon Thompson
12 Starfox 64 N64 Review Jul, 01, 1997 Brandon Thompson
13 Cruis'n USA N64 Review Jun, 07, 1997 Brandon Thompson
14 Turok Dinosaur Hunter N64 Review Feb, 27, 1997 Brandon Thompson
15 Killer Instinct Gold N64 Review Dec, 13, 1996 Brandon Thompson
16 Mortal Kombat Trilogy N64 Review Dec, 06, 1996 Charles Houston
17 Super Mario 64 N64 Review Oct, 01, 1996 Brandon Thompson

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