iOS & iPhone 7 vs. Android & Galaxy S7: Gamer Edition

The iOS versus Android debate may be one of the biggest in the last five years. But with iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 newly on the market, which one gives gamers what they need? Some of the best mobile games are exclusively iOS or Android, and with the newest, most state of the art specs, one device must be crowned champion of the mobile gaming universe. Here’s a look at both phones, both operating systems and the some of the best exclusive games they feature.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone is a common point of conversation...and arguments!

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone is a common point of conversation…and arguments!

Phone vs. Phone

First up, the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7.

Design: The premise of both of these phones is fairly simple—if you’ve used a previous version of either, then you’ll know exactly how to get the most out of the 7th edition. The Samsung Galaxy S7 continues the dual glass design with a curved back that makes it comfortable to hold. The iPhone 7, on the other hand, is smaller and provides an easier handling experience for those who don’t have large hands. Of course, the Galaxy S7 has the traditional headphone jack, while the iPhone 7 did away with this completely. Although the wireless earbuds make for an interest tech experiment, just having the option of normal wired headphones gives the Galaxy S7 some bonus points over its closest competitor.

Display: While the larger build of the Galaxy S7 may lose points if you have hands on the smaller side, it allows the phone to have a larger screen for a more satisfying gaming experience. Furthermore, this Android device boasts Quad HD resolution compared with the iPhone 7’s 1334×750 pixel density. Thus far, the Galaxy S7 wins on all fronts.

Performance: When you compare performance on these devices, you’re comparing apples (pun intended) and oranges. Both phones and their operating systems have very different specifications that must be met if each phone is to run optimally. Both phones run smoothly and the high rated apps compliment the strengths of each of these phones. However, on paper the Galaxy S7 takes the lion’s share of the points. For instance, the Galaxy S7 has 4GB of RAM compared with the iPhone 7’s 2GBs. Again, iOS is a different fruit than Android and, while the numbers favor Samsung’s device, both phones perform wonderfully.

iOS Exclusives:

Beat Sneak Bandit: This game is a classic side-scroller with a twist. Your character can only change directions when he encounters an obstacle. You must dodge, sneak and trick your way past police to steal clocks back from the nebulous villain, Duke Clockface. Yeah, yeah, this game isn’t Hemingway, but it does combine rhythm, stealth and puzzle games into one immersive experience.

Incoboto: This game is a physics puzzle game in which you play as a little boy who is likely the last person in the universe. You’re accompanied by a sentient sun in your quest to restore life to suns that have been extinguished. This game boasts some fantastic art in it as well.

MacGuffin’s Curse: This game is a werewolf comedy puzzle adventure. With subtle humor, you must work your way through logic puzzles while changing from man to wolf and back again. This game draws from the traditions of early dungeon crawl games.

Android Exclusives:

Beyond Space Remastered: This space flight, dog fight simulator is an immersive spaceship battle game. Pilot your own craft and dog fight enemies, fulfill objectives, and complete the story line. Great for anyone who’s ever wanted to pilot an X-Wing.

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream: Derived from the book of the same title by Harlan Ellison, this game is reminiscent of old school RPGs. Dystopia, science fiction and immersive story telling have you uncover the mysteries and miseries of the human race—a deeply philosophical game.

Puddle +: Play as a puddle of water and traverse bizarre puzzle landscapes in this fluid and highly-rated puzzle game that employs realistic physics to make you think outside the box.


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