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The Worst PS3 Exclusives That All Gamers Should Avoid Going Near

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The Playstation 3 is packed with some of the best games that have ever been released and it looks like the library and variety is only getting better. However not every title that hit the PS3 exclusively (North American consoles) smelled like roses. A few games come out here and there that blemished the reputation of the powerful Sony machine. We’ve compiled a list of the worst games exclusive to North American PS3 consoles that you should avoid. Sure you might wander into a GameStop or some Mom and Pop used game store and see one of these for less than ten bucks, but do yourself a favor and just keep walking. These are the games that no PS3 owner should have to deal with.

SOCOM: Confrontation

Who could’ve imagined that a SOCOM title would fall flat? The series itself is such an established line of hits that many gamers walked into this one clueless and for the most part ready for more SOCOM goodness. Handled by Slant Six, known best for Fire Team Bravo on the PSP, Confrontation was plagued by glitches and bugs and did a horrible job of debuting the popular series on the PS3. SOCOM ate up tons of time in players’ lives on the PS2, but this title blemished the franchise. Luckily the series is recovering, but the term “Avoid confrontation” took on a whole new meaning thanks to this game.

SOCOM Confrontaion sucked


We all remember this blockbuster right? Lair was another buggy title that hit PS3s back in the late summer of 2007. Adding fuel to fanboy fire, this game was packed with FMVs that looked great, but horrible visual errors like pop-in, tearing, and jaggies which instantly pulled most level-headed gamers right out of the gameplay. In addition to the dreadfully bad visuals, there was the issue o the Sixaxis controls that were just plain bad. You had no option, but to use these horrible controls because you couldn’t turn them off. The game even caused a black-eye for Sony PR when they tried to tell people they were reviewing it wrong. Luckily most of us have forgotten this dreadful title. If you see it though, stay far away.

Lair sucked



+1 #1 RE: The Worst PS3 Exclusives That All Gamers Should Avoid Going Nearwarrka 2010-06-04 09:17
you forgot god of war and killzone and resistance
+1 #2 RE: The Worst PS3 Exclusives That All Gamers Should Avoid Going NearHey 2010-06-04 09:27
I don't think SOCOM: Confrontation is that bad. I own it, and it sucked at launch, but now, over a year later, they've got most of the bugs fixed (though not all). It's an enjoyable game, and you don't have any troubles finding games to join.

Haven't played any of the other ones, though.
#3 HazeScarT 2010-06-04 09:54
Haze was better than i expected. Not as bad as its said on the interwebs.
#4 RE: The Worst PS3 Exclusives That All Gamers Should Avoid Going Nearhehateme 2010-06-04 09:59
warrka go play halo 3 you xboy with your crappy crackdown 2 ??? lol tell ur mommie to rennew your xboy subscription
#5 RE: The Worst PS3 Exclusives That All Gamers Should Avoid Going Nearlink01 2010-06-04 10:03
I agree with every game but Lair. Lair isn't a bad game at all, it's actually quite good... the media needs to stop brainwashing people into this.
#6 RE: The Worst PS3 Exclusives That All Gamers Should Avoid Going Nearwarrka 2010-06-04 10:08
@ hehateme

um excuse me princess but i hate halo and gears of war just as much i like good games not crappy BRO games
#7 RE: The Worst PS3 Exclusives That All Gamers Should Avoid Going Nearsmashman98 2010-06-04 10:31
Quoting link01:
I agree with every game but Lair. Lair isn't a bad game at all, it's actually quite good... the media needs to stop brainwashing people into this.

this is your opinion and that is his opinion they differ but its ok becuz in this case there is no right or wrong, u dig
#8 HazeRuddigerPez 2010-06-04 11:54
I agree that Haze was a terrible game. The single player campaign is just abnoxious, with no option to skip the corny, drawn-out, and horribly acted cut scenes and ho-hum gameplay in between. However, my friend and I find ourselves playing multiplayer quite often, as it is one of the few (or only) games this gen that allow for split screen team-based multiplayer against bots of varying difficulty. Its awesome to climb the towers in M.M.L. and watch the hilarity ensue through a sniper-scope as the horrible AI pits Mereno-lovers against drug addicts.
#9 HazeRuddigerPez 2010-06-04 11:56

Why don't you name games that you actually like then...my guess is that you hate everything just to give yourself an inflated sense of self-worth. Whatever works for you I guess...
#10 star@aol.comChris 2010-06-04 14:02
@Warrka: Dude you aren't a gamer, you're a troll....and an ugly one at that. Pull M$ **** out of your mouth before you speak please.

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