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Top Five Best Game Franchise Revivals this Generation in Gaming

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When I say series use the word revived, I mean they were good in the first place and either vanished or died off in quality. A bad example of this would be Sonic the Hedgehog as he had the glory and lost it in the Dreamcast era and still hasn't grabbed it back.

Another situation that doesn't constitute a revival is Ghostbusters, while last years title was excellent no other Ghostbusters title was even remotely good in any shape or form.  These are franchises that have reclaimed the gold after falling from grace, these are their stories.

Mega Man
Now Mega Man games come out every year but an addition to the original classic series was last seen in 1998 and we only got that title in English speaking countries in 2003 with Mega Man & Bass. If we go before that it was 1997 when Mega Man 8 was released.

In 2008 the developer behind the Mega Man Zero and ZX series was given the classic bomber to play with. Mega Man 9 offers only old to the table in ways that most gamers forgot such as punishing difficulty, with 9 and this year's Mega Man 10 the blue bomber seems to be back. In another few years gamers will begin wondering what ever happened to Mega Man X, last seen six years ago in 2004.

Mega Man Franchise
Sam & Max
Sam & Max Hit the Road was a one off title based off the 80s comic series, it released in 1993 and was one of the bigger Lucas Arts hits. A foul mouthed insane rabbit and a calm dog in a detective suit are the Freelance Police. Sam & Max's world is our world turned on its head and the dialogue was hilarious in 1993 and still is today.
A sequel was in development from 2002 to 2004 but was eventually canceled, two years later the wait for a sequel would come from TellTale. Sam & Max since 2006 has seen two completed seasons which has gamers play 11 adventures of the dog and rabbit. A third season has just started and will be another 5 adventures.
Sam and Max Franchise
Shin Megami Tensei / Persona / Digital Devil Saga
Whatever is your preferred brand Atlus long running RPG series about death, religion, demons and high schoolers has been around since 1987. Picture that, Final Fantasy and Megami Tensei have both been around for 23 years. The only difference aside from subject matter is Megami Tensei never found an audience in the states during the 80s or 90s. Dragon Quest suffered the same issue but later on in the series life as early NES Dragon Quest titles were popular.
When Persona 3 hit shelves it became an overnight hit, the critics loved it and so did gamers. The issue was most gamers didn't play it until the special edition came out due to a low shipment of Persona 3 copies. What exactly suddenly had audiences eating up the series is a mystery as for the most part the games didn't make drastic changes from the insanity laced inside each CD or cart.
Since Persona 3 the entire series has really benefited, games in the series aren't held back and people know of them. Hell maybe it was the whole summoning demons by shooting yourself in the head bit. Regardless it seems Megami Tensei after years of searching has found its home in the states, this summer Persona 3 will be ported to PSP and Strange Journey was released on NDS last month.
Shin Megami Franchise
PC gamers will list off if you let them some of the best games ever and Fallout 2 will always be mentioned. While purists of the franchise will say Fallout 3 is “Oblivion with guns”, the general public has embraced the title. Bethesda mixed apocalyptic humor of the best variety with gun play and the thrill of exploring the truly unknown. The game ends up being as deep as an Oblivion while not turning off those afraid of RPG titles. PC gamers still may want to set the world on fire but most gamers are satisfied with the revival of this franchise. This fall though PC gamers may get their wish as the remains of Interplay return to develop Fallout: New Vegas.
Fallout Franchise
Street Fighter
I'm pretty sure a Street Fighter title on some system releases almost every year and yet the series has been dead in the minds of gamers since Street Fighter Alpha 3 in 1998. The EX series took the series into 3D where it didn't belong and Street Fighter III felt too much like Alpha except without most of the series staples. When Street Fighter IV was first shown off gamers were skeptical as the art showed everyone was doing massive amounts of steroids, those fears still kinda accurate but the point was the game was amazing. Instead of moving to 3D where the series didn't belong, Capcom kept the series in 2D and used 3D models. The fighting wasn't as turbolicious as before but was still pretty fast and Capcom wasn't relying on the same sprites they made in 1996.
Super Street Fighter IV just builds upon this adding more characters and the classic beat up the car mode from the second game. Capcom is bound to keep adding onto this as they know when they have a cash cow as Street Fighter finally has regained its status as the serious fighting game (more simplistic would probably be Brawl for those wondering).
Street Fighter Franchise
Honorable Mention:
  • Shock: System Shock 2 is respected in the way Fallout is and Bioshock revived this franchise, but Bioshock 2 took the series down a peg as the before hand laughed at multiplayer ended up being the best draw of the title. Prominent and a #6 if you put a gun to my head.
  • Monkey Island: While the first two were excellent after that the series starts to pidder off into mediocrity, TellTale again is the helper of its revival remastering the original and launching a pretty well liked new game Tales of Monkey Island.
  • Ninja Gaiden: While different from the original NES series the series was revived this past two gens and for a brief period people cared once again about Ryu Hayabusa.



#1 RE: Top Five Best Game Franchise Revivals this Generation in GamingPibo47 2010-05-13 13:21
:D Very nice man. I pretty much argee with everything besides the bit about fallout 3 being deep as oblivion. But its all good haha. Great read

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