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After all these major issues, I am not sure how’s The Evil Within is categorized as a horror-survival game because both terms are far from existent in this upcoming reality.

Top Five of the Sexiest Females in the History of Action Games

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While the women in fighting games tend to get the most attention for being considered "sexy", their cousins in the action genre are out shooting it up and exploring boundaries well beyond the confines of a ring. Just because these characters are rendered in more than bikinis doesn't mean they're not sexy.

The action genre has been dominated by male characters since the creation of gaming. But there have been a few exceptions to the rule of sexes. And of course, these female exceptions have received a gentlemanly touch in the design department. We have haven’t only come to accept that designers intentionally create female characters to be attractive; we’ve decided to celebrate it with our top five sexiest females of the action genre. While we’re not allowed to number our top five lists anymore, we’ll leave that responsibility to our readers.

Sniper Wolf
Sniper Wolf was an easy choice for a few reasons. First off, she can kick ass! While she was killed off in the second battle of Metal Gear Solid, some believe her soul or spirit was kept alive and put into a Gear by Otacon. That’s all debatable. What isn’t debatable is that she is tough and a loner. She bucks the trend of snipers and is a solo-artist. But the main reason she makes this list is for her looks. The awesome black top under the Iraqi coveralls is hot. Sniper Wolf is able to disarm you with her looks and then kick your ass right after.

Sniper Wolf is Sexy
Faith makes our list because she fits into the “extreme” category. She’s a free-runner. Some people compare it to the popular parkour craze circa 2005, when people ran around jumping off walls and doing free-style stunts. But she’s not just some sports enthusiast. As a runner, she’s got to traverse her Utopian city and deliver information. But the game wouldn’t be fun and Faith wouldn’t be on our list if it was just a glorified Paper Boy game. Mirror’s Edge has a story that has Faith going far beyond her courier duties…. And looking good doing it. It’s also likely that we may see Faith again soon considering at the end of the game she was still alive and on the run.
Faith is Sexy
Bayonetta made our list as being the most recent female character to pull off a successful action title. We also chose her because she’s technically nude all the time since it’s actually just her hair, which is constantly transforming, that covers her body. We also had to include her for the simple fact that a woman that quad-wields weapons is simply awesome. Her story is over-the-top sure. I mean she slept in a coffin at the bottom of a lake for 500 years and her hair is magical. But this isn’t a top five list of the most accurate stories in gaming. Now is it?
Bayonetta is Sexy
Eva, aka Tatyana or Big Mama, is another easy choice from the Metal Gear universe. Female spies are always hot. They never send heavy and ugly women to infiltrate embassies or foreign countries because hot girls are disarming. Eva falls into that category. Eva is also tough as she fought right alongside Naked Snake in Op Snake Eater. She even pulled off a little Boris and Natasha action posing as a KGB agent once to pull off a mission for China’s Liberation Army. The most important role Eva has played though is she actually carried Solid and Liquid Snake as their surrogate mother. That part isn’t so hot, but she is.
Eva is hot from Metal Gear
Samus Aran is the star of the Metroid franchise introduced way back in the original 1986 Metroid on the little gray NES. She’s a female bounty hunter, which of course is automatically hot, and usually is wearing an armor suit with weapons that include beams and missiles. Samus has appeared in tons of Metroid games with another on the way soon. Samus gets some mega-bonus points for being one of the first major female leads in video games. While no one knew it when they first starting playing Metroid, the world soon learned that Samus Aran was the first sexy female in action games.
Samus Aran is Sexy
Honorable Mention:
Ms. Pac Man – That bow screams “I’ll give you a good time”
Rachel - Ninja Gaiden Sigma's Rachel has two great assets.
Buffy Summers – The vampire slayer slayed a couple games too.
Honorable Mention Babes from Action Games




+1 #1 RE: Top Five of the Sexiest Females in the History of Action GamesTrippin 2010-04-21 03:41
No love for Jesse from Dead Rising? She has the whole nerdy glasses hottness.
#2 DAMNKrabopple 2010-04-21 06:45
the girl (on the right) for Faith is too hott. Too hott to handle. Better run for cover. Better hope for rain. Because it's too hott.
#3 Oh lawdbob dole 2010-04-22 17:12
You used Reiq's jiggly girls Samus image.

He's going to sue you in England now.
#4 RE: Top Five of the Sexiest Females in the History of Action GamesStan Winston 2011-04-24 13:09
Lara Croft? What too old school now? Action heroines need to have attitude to go with looks. Who makes the list? See for yourself http://www.meltedjoystick.com/top_games_by_genre.php?genre=Action

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