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A retail copy of Minecraft: PS3 edition is coming next month. Mojang revealed that the smash-hit game is getting a disc-based version on the PS3 on May 16.
Several barbed wire advocacy groups are harshly criticizing Bethesda for portraying this fencing material as a violent and vicious tool.
The annual Xbox Spring Sale has begun. Add-ons for popular games such as Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas will be up to 75% off.
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is getting free DLC today. The update is titled Zomboss Down and adds western-themed character variants, a new map and over 200 customization options.
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Reworking old League of Legends champions seems to be all the rage these days and Rengar is the latest champion to have a full rework as part of the recently released 4.5 patch. According to statistics charts at elophant.com and...
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The Evil Within seems to belong to this restricted group, where games seem to lose their initial essence in the wonders of content production.
Three Nintendo 3DS titles will be getting a new lower price, at least in Canada. New Super Mario Bros .2, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land will be available on April 22nd 2014 for the suggested retail...
The Hindu God Kumbhakarna is coming to SMITE. The free-to-play MOBA game by Hi-Rez Studios is adding the Sleeping Giant as a playable character in a gameplay patch that is scheduled to roll out on April 15. Kumbhakarna is the...
Dragon Throne War is a fantasy strategy game. Hone your strategic skills with this online game. Dragon Throne War will soon launch on kickstarter.
The upcoming action-adventure game Watch Dogs will feature a mobile application, the ctOS Mobile. This software will allow players to directly connect via mobile devices to the world of Watch Dogs. Ubisoft hasn’t specific which features will be subsequently available...
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Goat Simulator is definitely a title to play if you’re looking for a good laugh or simply an entertaining experience. There’s nothing complicated or deep about it; you’re a destructive goat unleashing chaos in town.
After all these major issues, I am not sure how’s The Evil Within is categorized as a horror-survival game because both terms are far from existent in this upcoming reality.
The Dales are a vast area of Thedas located southeastern of Orlais to the west of Ferelden and it used to be the homeland of the elven race.

Top Five Sexiest Females from the Final Fantasy Franchise

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Final Fantasy is one of the most famous franchises in gaming history and for good reason. The gameplay has evolved over the years and pleased gamers on everything from the original NES to the WonderSwan and still entrances gamers on the PS3 and 360. But there's another appeal factor about this series.

The women of Final Fantasy are considered among most gamers as some of the hottest around. Sure the fact that they’re in an RPG series probably contributes. So with such a rich pool of talent in terms of hotness, who are the top babes in this category? We’ve compiled the list of what we think are the sexiest female characters in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise. Do you agree?

Beatrix – Final Fantasy IX
Beatrix is a temporary character from Final Fantasy IX. She’s a top general and warrior of the all female army of Alexandria, and does not like to take a back seat to anyone, especially Kuja and his Black Mage army. Beatrix has a tall, slender, and curvy body with chestnut brown hair curled at the end. She wears a silver eye patch over her right eye with the left being a purple/reddish color. She wears hardly any armor compared which we’re not complaining about of course. Her clothing consists of a red and white top with a rose embalmed on the back over a pair of leather, reddish-brown pants tucked within a pair of mail boots. A belt is tucked around her waist at an angle, holding her sword, Save the Queen, behind her.

Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX
Rikku – Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2
Rikku is a lively Al Bhed who is a playable character in both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. She has some ties to another popular Final Fantasy babe in Yuna as their stories intertwine in the Final Fantasy X universe. We don’t have to go into a lot of detail about why we picked Rikku. Just look at her and the reasons are obvious.
Rikku – Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2
Selphie – Final Fantasy VIII
Selphie Tilmitt is a character in Final Fantasy VIII. Selphie most often wears a yellow mini-dress. The dress itself seems to be a miniskirt/overall hybrid featuring clasps that go over the wearer's shoulders and clip at the front of the dress. It also features a frontal zipper that travels the full length of the dress and two large pockets located over the buttocks. Around her neck she sometimes wears a silver pendant that resembles a miniaturized replica of a poker machine reel and upon her left wrist she wears a blue strap. She wears brown cowboy boots that reach about mid-calf to complete her everyday ensemble.
Selphie – Final Fantasy VIII
Yuna – Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2
Yuna is the female protagonist of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 with ties to the equally popular Rikku. Appearing somewhat conservative in FF X, in Final Fantasy X-2, she loosened up in her new Gunner Dressphere outfit, as she exposes more skin. She dons a modified halter-neck top with the symbol of the Zanarkand Abes across the chest and a pink hoodie in the back. She also possesses a large pouch resting on her left hip over an ankle-length half-dress-like sash.
Yuna – Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2
Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy VII
Tifa Lockhart is a female protagonist in Final Fantasy VII and still reigns as the number one cosplay feature in our Cosplay Babe of the Week section. Because of this, she’s an obvious pick as one of the sexiest, if not the sexiest, female character in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise. Tifa's long hair falls below her waist and is tied at the end in a distinctive dolphin-tail split. Tifa's hair is dark brown, but in some appearances it looks black. Tifa's eyes are officially addressed as red, but they have also been depicted as brown in some appearances, and she wears white tear-drop earrings. She wears a sleeveless white tank shirt that shows her stomach with a short black miniskirt and a pair of black suspenders connected to her belt. She also wears fighting gloves that come up to her elbows, which have metal protecting pads, and she wears old boots.
Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy VII

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#1 RE: Top Five Sexiest Females from the Final Fantasy FranchiseN2Paul 2010-04-14 05:00
Hmm, I'd would put Lightning on 3 or 2 .
+3 #2 RikkuMike 2010-04-14 08:17
The girl playing Rikku is beautiful.
#3 Um...OtakuD 2010-04-14 09:30
Is it just me or is Rinoa >>>> Selphie!??! And HELLO! Wheres Fang!?!?!??!
-6 #4 Be SeriousDECiSiONZz 2010-04-14 13:51
How could you not put Fang or Rinoa on this list? IMO they're second only to the true FF goddess: Tifa.
+4 #5 RE: Top Five Sexiest Females from the Final Fantasy FranchiseScotty 2010-04-14 20:37
About time. This list is my favorite ever because Selphie finally gets some credit. I do think Rinoa would have been a good addition, but don't know where whe'd fit in.
+17 #6 Beatrix CosplayCraig H 2010-04-14 23:20
That girl dressed as Beatrix is stunning. She is simply amazing.
-6 #7 RE: Top Five Sexiest Females from the Final Fantasy Franchisen4gauge 2010-04-23 09:31
-1 #8 #11SewVut 2010-04-23 13:02
You are 2 things. 1. nuts! 2. stupid. Starters i ad thinking Beatirx and Tifa are not Western girls. Still all very hot.
-1 #9 WTF RETARDlamaking 2010-04-23 16:31
Quoting n4gauge:

yeah because the gorgeous asian chick in tifa gear is oviously from the west even if she is im not complaining just applauding
+1 #10 RE: Top Five Sexiest Females from the Final Fantasy FranchiseBob 2010-04-23 20:59
Lulu #1

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