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Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While the PS Move is Just a Wii HD

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Xbox 360 KinectKinect has taken Microsoft’s motion-controller from a distant second place in the buzz world to number one after being displayed yesterday at Microsoft’s E3 presentation to the public. Many people had written off the Kinect (at the time Project Natal) as nothing more than an updated version of the old interactive webcams from the 90’s or more recently the Playstation EyeToy.

After seeing the device in action with several different titles, it looks like Microsoft has done a lot more than just provided an updated take on old tech. The Xbox 360 Kinect might just revolutionize video games and how we view their integration into our entire home theatre. For example the voice-recognition on display during an announcement that ESPN would be exclusively added to the Xbox 360 showed how Kinect could open the door for more brands and channels to appear on the 360 and basically just made any form of remote antiquated technology. You control what you’re watching with your voice.

Sony’s Move will succeed thanks to a great marketing team, but after the display Microsoft put on, a lot of minds just changed. Sony has gone from the next big thing in motion controls to merely High-Def Wii. Meanwhile Microsoft has shown they can do a lot more than mimic and improve; they can create and lead.

Stay tuned for our complete hands-on preview of Kinect later this week.

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+1 #1 RE: Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While the PS Move is Just a Wii HDD3c1p43r 2010-06-15 01:01
Kinect is about to change gaming. That's what Sony was scared of when MS approached them in Japan back in 1997. Sony was scared of MS and turned down a partneship resulting in MS putting Windows CE in Sega's Dreamcast and then creating the original Xbox. Now Microsoft has finally created something that will topple Sony's fragile tower.
-1 #2 Too early in the game...SheniniganNinja 2010-06-15 01:06
I think its WAAAY to early in the game to be making such extreme assumptions. So far all I've seen for the Kinect is a bunch of actors acting out prerecorded sequences on screen. The few examples that weren't prerecorded where less than impressive. Simultaneously we've yet to see Sony's show. I doubt they will let their tech be viewed as wii HD, especially considering some of the real time demos I've seen have been more impressive than anything I've seen from the kinect. Wait till all bets are in before throwing down your cards.
#3 RE: Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While the PS Move is Just a Wii HDFarmerTed 2010-06-15 03:04
I'm so sick of Sony fanboys acting like the Move is something more than a Wiimote with a neon lightbulb on the tip. Shove your PS3 Wiimote and wireless nunchuck up your rear.
#4 RE: Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While the PS Move is Just a Wii HDDavid McFail 2010-06-15 04:40
Don't be childish, there's no need for name calling. Whilst Kinect has a lot of potential, particularly for applications (the video chat whilst both people are watching a movie looks really cool) however the games that have been shown thus far can be likened to "wiitoo", with the exception of Forza, however I'd like to see how the game controls whilst driving without a controller, star wars looks underwhelming, reminds me of an on-rails shooter. PS Move, I'll reserve judgement until I see what's on display, hopefully it's more suited to hardcore gamers rather than casual.
#5 JimneousChris 2010-06-15 04:46
I'm so sick of fanboys in general, when willl people realise that each console is good in its own rights? So what if the tech looks and act similarly to something else on the market thats what things do, theres many different brands of phones and tvs but no one fights over which of those is the best.
On a player note though I think that Microsoft has taken thier kind of gaming away from the segment of people that I believe would appriciate gaming the most, the disabled or wheelchair bound. I'm one of those people, I'll never get to play those Kinect games in the same way as everybody else where as the Wii and PS Move would still let me play without excessive movement.
#6 Kinect PeopleSmootherkuzz 2010-06-15 09:05
So Many good things will come because of the Kinect sure it may not be for everyone but eveything never is choose wants best for you - keep gaming
#7 RE: Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While the PS Move is Just a Wii HDScotty 2010-06-15 09:18
I found the voice-recognition and how you navigate the menu screen to be the best part about it. The games are really no different then what your seeing on the Wii and that's what disappoints me.
Just a bunch of mini casual games like its sports game and that animal game. Even from other devs like Ubisoft are releasing the same stuff at launch with its work out game and MJ dance games.
This is what I expecting though but I hoping there would be some core games but everything is just a collection of mini games.
#8 someone got itMove Sucks 2010-06-15 12:01
So glad that someone sees move for what it is. It's got glowing balls on it! Woohoo. Rub some uranium on your nuts and play a wii. Then you have basic motion controls with glowing balls. I love the copycat nunchuk
#9 someone got itMove Sucks 2010-06-15 12:03
Also. The PS3 may gain ground outside the US, but who needs it when most Americans bought Wiis and 360s years ago. lol. PS3 has no use except to play movies because we all have Wii and Xbox 360 already. So I got my HD and my motion controls.
#10 OMGMerc 2010-06-15 12:13
Natal new name is stupid, but the device is better than wiimote and the fake wiimote aka move lol. All 3 will fill our lives with shovel ware. I would like to thank nintendo for sending all console games back to the atari 2600 era.
#11 REpliesThat one guy 2010-06-15 15:50
OK! Heres a good even take of the whole Movie, Kinect thing

It goes something like this

Playstation eye = Advanced Kinext

Plastation Move = Wii Mote hd

SO! in the end both companies are seriously in need of a bigger excuse, now lemme be honest, I have no want to play a single game out there on the Kinect, and not because of xbox but because SONY ALREADY DID IT! And honestly its still around but it was never that great on its own, I cant see myself actually getting acuracy , as well as alot of poeple who are reporting on the kinect, the move although like the wii, sony is at least being truthful in saying that its the real deal, tons of people dont wanna admit it but once you play and see that not just because of HD the ps eye and the move works as a team, did anyone see Sorcery?
#12 RE: Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While the PS Move is Just a Wii HDHolden 2010-06-15 15:56
While I agree with "Microsoft can create and lead" and Sony always playing catchup with the Wii and Xbox, I don't think Move is JUST a Wii HD. It also incorporates the Eye Toy which adds a whole new level of precision to the motion controller. Still though, Sony does not have an original bone in their body, unfortunately.
-1 #13 What?B 2010-06-15 16:46
Well most people don't pay attention to whats going on at E3. The games for the Kinect is EXACTLY like its counter parts on the Wii. You call that innovation? Does anybody remember that there was a little thing called the Eyetoy?!?! No? Yes the Move is like the Wiimote but Kinect is like the Eyetoy. Innovation with the same crappy games but in "HD" isn't innovating, it's just recycled.

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