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Microsoft Announces Change of Project Natal's Name to Kinect

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Xbox 360 KinectThere are a lot of angry fanboys this morning. Those who jumped on the Project Natal bandwagon and started registering web addresses with the name Natal in them now have useless websites as Microsoft surprised a few people last night by unveiling the name Kinect for their upcoming motion-controller. It shouldn't have been a surprise as the name "project" was a pretty obvious clue that the name wasn't final.

In addition to that, there have been rumblings around the industry for week's that the name was going to change. For some reason though, there was somewhat of a backlash from the blogosphere who always wants to complain. There didn't seem to be any complaints when the Playstation Arc changed its name to Move and kept an "A" for the logo.

In regards to the reponse from fans, Greenberg (who's always got something to say) said, "What's interesting is that despite everything we've done for Natal -- and people are very excited about it -- the actual awareness around the name is not as high as you would think [...]

I think the right time is now. One, we love the name, so that helps. Two, people will realize it makes sense... It fits. Then three, a lot of people that are going to be watching and learning about this for the first time ever, they're going to learn about the new name.".

Aaron is right. What a lot of game journalists, bloggers, and hardcore gamers don't realize is that most of the consumers out there aren't spending hours online researching game info and arguing about fanboy topics on forums. Most of the potential buyers of Kinect never even heard of Project Natal. Hopefully for Greenberg and Microsoft as whole, he's right and the name will fit the product.


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