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The Walking Dead is shuffling to the PS4 and Xbox One. A Gamestop listing indicates The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition will be getting a next-gen port in June.
H1Z1, the new MMO zombie game, has discussed it's monetization plans on Reddit. The game will not be a pay-to-win and mainly feature items that are purely cosmetic.
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New Natal Images of Hardware and User Manuals Have Been Leaked

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Looks like the secretive minds at Microsoft are having a hard time keeping the wraps on the upcoming motion-detection technology named Natal. While gamers are excited about both Microsoft's Natal and Sony's Move, little has been seen in public of either. Well that's about to change for Natal at least.

Xbox 360 NatalOur friends from the lovely boot-shaped country of Italy seem to have had some hands-on time with the Natal device hooked up to an Xbox 360 dev-kit. The images are courtesy of our friends over at Multiplayer.it. We don't have a lot of details yet as the images are still a bit blurry, but it's the closest look at the Natal peripheral so far.

The images are reportedly from a testing session in which a team was working on voice recognition for the Natal hardware. The photos show a prototype of Natal and there's no way of telling if this is the final version. The camera includes a USB connection for X360 and seems to have some sensor barĀ  integrated into it. The Natal pictured is connected to a 360 and some debugging software on Windows 7, the tester is apparently from a 3rd party marketing team hired by MS. Among other things you can see photos of what appears to be the device manual, or at least an outline of it. We'll relay more info once we get some. Interesting pictures though.


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