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Gladiator Begins for PSP Pushing Babes Over Gameplay

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Acquire, the developer of the popular Tenchu series, has attracted the kind of attention usually reserved for adult DVDs thanks to its hot gladiatorial action game Kentoushi: Gladiator Begins for the PSP. The developer has also promoted the game in an odd fashion. Instead of sending out screenshots like a normal company, they’ve sent out female gladiators to Japanese press offices for publicity.

It was odd when we saw the booth babe at TGS this past Fall dressed like Princess Leia with a gladiator helmet on, but the at least after seeing the boxart below for the game it makes some kind of sense. What's surprising is that it's not an adult game. And it's from the developer of the Tenchu series.

And to celebrate the launch of the game, Acquire has released the first DLC (yes already) which is of course the Bikini Gladiator. But if you think that’s weird, check out the technicolor bonus content just below that everyone who went to the Acquire booth at TGS 09 got codes for.

In-Game DLC for Gladiator Begins

The New DLC Just Released

Gladiator Begins DLC

The boxart, as mentioned above, is simply over-the-top.

Gladiator Begins Boxart

Below you'll find images of Acquire's gladiator model visiting the ASCII offices. Who does this?

For more information on the game and it's release, visit Acquire's Homepage (In Japanese)



#1 RE: Gladiator Begins for PSP Pushing Babes Over GameplaySamFran 2010-01-23 08:57
That is the greatest work environment I have ever seen. I'm applying at ASCII on Monday.

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