Android Slots: A Path Not Taken (Thanks to Google)

Starting with the late 2000s, mobile has played an increasingly important part in our lives – especially after the release of the first smartphone as we know it. Although large-screen phones (technically smartphones) have existed before the release of the iPhone, most of us didn’t see them as a device to crave, but rather a curiosity. Mostly because, although packed with a ton of work-related applications, they were usually not the perfect tool for keeping us entertained. This all changed after the iPhone, the advent of the “App”, and the mobile boom that followed. As you might expect, mobile has seeped into all industries, from finances to shopping, services, and – especially – entertainment. Even the real money kind.

Mobile slots – a short history

The first mobile slot machines were launched before phones became smart. The first mobile casino app – or “applet”, as the times’ Java mobile applications were known – was released in 2006, to limited success. The phones of those times weren’t smart enough, and their screens weren’t large enough, to offer a meaningful gaming experience to the masses. By the early 2010, when was launched, things have changed a bit (the iPhone was released, and the phones have changed fundamentally). As most of its sisters, the Euro Palace had its own mobile slots to offer, but to no avail. Players did want to play their preferred games on the go, but with the turmoil around Flash, and no viable alternatives, things were not what I would call “peachy” for developers.

The Euro Palace, as well as their sisters, have released their own native apps to run on most major smartphone platforms. Soon, they ran into an unexpected obstacle, though – in 2013, Google (which is not too friendly toward online gambling as a whole) has banned the listing of real money gaming apps in its app marketplace, and Apple soon followed suite. Euro Palace players were left without a way to play their favorite games on the go. Luckily for them, HTML5 was already a thing by this time, allowing the Euro Palace to offer them an alternative. And it has proven to be a viable one, and even an example for other developers to follow.

Mobile slots in mobile browsers

Along with a handful of other developers, the Euro Palace still offers its players a downloadable casino suite, capable of running on a Windows PC. As operating systems are more diverse today than they were at the beginnings of the industry, the focus has shifted toward browsers – all new games are now released in a desktop browser form today. The same has happened on mobile: many new games released nowadays come with an HTML5 version, one that players can run on their smartphones, no matter what OS it may run. Which is, come to think of it, a good thing.

Google’s decision changed the fate of mobile casinos – and it changed it for the better.

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