10 Most Anticipated Video Game of 2016

The video game industry definitely went out to deliver in the year 2015 for gamers. Things are not slowing down, 2016 is shaping up, and things are looking better. The following are some of the most anticipated games of the year 2016.


Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens


With a release date of 28th June, this game will run on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, as well as PC platforms. With a wide platform, right about every gamer has reason to play. This Lego game is great especially for gamers who love Star Wars. With a history in the market, this game is bound to capture a lot of attention. You will be glad to know that Warner Bros confirm it, which is one of the biggest blockbuster movies.


No Mans Sky


This game has a release date of 10th August and will only run on PS4 and PC platforms. A sci-fi game seeks to improve your survival skills. Yes, it is a game, but it makes it feel as real as it gets. It creates a universe that gamers seek to survive through one level to another. It constitutes planets and the solar system, which arise as you build them. The more you progress, the better the system you create. The planets change and you have a different objective to fulfill. This game has had previous release dates that did not materialize but many are looking forward for the current release date.


Dues Ex: Mankind Divided


This has a release date of 23rd August and for those who have played Dues Ex, the original game, you will love this one. It gives a glance into the future. The game is based on the decisions gamers make. In this, the concept of mystery is alive and one cannot tell what will happen providing every player with a different ending. Gamers can play this game on their PC, Xbox One, as well as the PS4 platforms offering diversity.


Final Fantasy XV


This fantasy franchise is due for release on the 30th of September will be played on platforms such as PS4 and Xbox One. It is available for pre order on Amazon, GAME, and Zavvi. It creates an open-world adventure with combat and adventure as the key themes. The display seems amazing and if you are looking to survive through a pre-historic age where dinosaurs and other creatures come to live and still include modernity and technology, this is the game to take on board.


Mafia 3


This action themed game is due for release in 7th October and it will play on PS4, Xbox One, as well as PC platforms. This is ideal for gamers who love the aspect of violence and are looking forward to better their gaming skills. It is based on Lincoln Clay who was a Vietnam veteran and operates organized crime. The thrill of taking part offers players something to cling on. Operate heavy machinery and weapons in the game to give that mafia feeling. It is available to pre-order from Amazon, GAME, as well as Steam.


Gears of War


This game is due for release on the 11th of October focusing on Xbox One platform. Though this exclusivity factor is limiting, gamers cannot wait to get their hands on it. It creates a future with the key theme rotating around war just as the name suggests. With technologically improved equipment, war gear, as well as weapons, this game will definitely bring out what war is all about. The surrounding also offers an environment that reflects on the theme. You can pre-order on Amazon and GAME.


Zelda for Wii U


With much anticipation, this game does not yet have a definite release date but it is said to be released before the end of the year. After all, it was long awaited even in the year 2015. It is exclusive to the Wii U playing platform. From its creators, the previous game served the market well and with everything on the table about this game; it will not be a letdown. The setting is on an open world. The short teaser by Nintendo has gamers going wild.


Horizon Zero Dawn


Yet another game that has not announced a definite release date but many are hoping it will be out before the end of the year according to the way things are heating up. It is exclusive to Guerrila Games playing on PS4 platform. With creativity, the theme is set about 1000 years into the future with the concept that robotics have conquered the planet and humanity seeking to fight for what they believe in. gamers will come in as a character who using her skills hunts the creatures, gets their parts, and uses them in her defence. Pre-order the game on Amazon, GAME, as well as ShopTo.


Tekken 7


Gaming enthusiasts definitely understand Tekken games as the creators have had previous games that are well known in the market. With better display every time a release has been provided, gamers are waiting for the release of this game. It is said that this will probably be the last release series of this game with the conclusion of the Mishan clan saga. It will play on PS4, Xbox One, as well as PC platforms.




Scalebound from the developers Platinum Games, with two key characters who are bound together to the end. Rumor has it that it may be released within the year but if not, it will definitely deliver in 2017 but gamers cannot wait. The setting of the game is epic with survival a key feature for players. These players are in a world where dragons and other monstrous creatures make it appetizing. It takes you back to the pre-historic age where even the gear and weapons are not technologically advanced. It is exclusive to play on Xbox One platform.

There are more games out to be released in 2016 but the above games are stirring up the video games industry. They feature different themes and have different goals to ensure every gamer has much more to look forward to, to spice things up.

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