• Where Can You Find Clash Royale Hack

    Working Clash Royale Hack Tool Giving Gems & It’s Online Accessable

    Do you like to play Clash Royale on your Android, iOS or PC Blue Stacks device? Yes, I also love Clash Royale!

    How can you get resources in Clash Royale? This is really funny, so if you are looking for a hack for Clash Royale, then use this cheats definitely!


    These online applications are referred as online generators and can offer you free resources in the desired game.

    So here is the Clash Royale Hack, which works 100%. The hack is online. No download required to cheat. The script works online and you can access the hack from any device and generate gems, elixir and gold.

    A download of third-party apps & applications such as LuckyPatcher, Root Explorer, GameHacker, GameKiller, iFile, iFunbox & other scripts is not required.

    This Clash Royale HackTool version works in any browser on Android, BlueStacks, iOS and P. The online tool is currently 100% free to the public. It does not require a rooted Android device. For iOS users, no jailbreak and on Cydia is required.


    If you submit your data and the Clash Royale user name to the generator, it will contact the official Clash Royale servers. We have found an exploit that allows us to manipulate data on this server. You can use popular hack from MCV Online and use it on any Clash Royale account.

    Once you have entered your username, select the number of gems and gold. Server will do the rest. Hack server does not require any downloads & is 100% FREE.

    This tool is better than other Clash Royale hack APK applications that need to be downloaded to use cheats. These have private game servers. Cheats manipulate the data on the real CR server.


    • Unlimited gems, elixir & other resources
    • No cost – No Downloads
    • Works Online
    • 100% Safe & Reliable
    • Proxy server to stay anonymous
    • Android & iOS Support
    • PC & Blue Stacks Support
    • No root required
    • No jailbreak required
    • No download of third party applications


    1. Enter your nickname or Google Play email address
    2. Choose the number of gems and gold
    3. Send the request
    4. Complete an human verification
    5. Check your account

    Start hacking Clash Royale now!

    You will receive a notification of the game regarding the new resources. The official game server will think that you have purchased the resources and credit them to your account.

    Now you have unlimited resources! Just follow instructions and you will continue to be able to use the best Clash Royale Cheats when ever you need them.


    SuperCell is the developer house of famous games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Boom Beach, but is not yet ready for users to forget the Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is a similar. It is available and free at the Android Play Store & Apple iTunes Store.

    The game is a multiplayer game in real time. The new features are royal prince, knights, castle, dragons and many old characters such as troops, armies, magic and defense. A new era to lead your Royale family to victory.

    The Clash Royale app can be downloaded free of charge from the Play Store and iTunes Store. Our server can also be used with Clash Royale Mods. Mods are not required if you want to play in the real CR network.


    • Duels in real-time around the world
    • Win chess and awards in the game
    • Unlocking awards & improving the level of your family with chests
    • Win crowns and destroy the crowns of other kings
    • New upgrades for spells, defenses, troops
    • Special constructions to beat other players
    • An endless multiplayer game like Clash of Clans in a new look
    • Special features such as challenging friends, classmates and private duels
    • TV Royale allows you to watch and learn about other battles
    • Use the best strategy and adopt the rule of the CR game
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  • batman dc game

    Top Superhero Games You Can Play On Bet365 Games

    For countless years now, superheroes have dominated the box office. However, video games are one arena where capes and cowls crowd are yet to take over fully. Granted, the past years have brought us pretty awesome superhero games, nevertheless, sometimes they can be few and far in between.


    Therefore, after cutting through the noise, here are the top superhero games you must definitely check out now:


    DC Universe Online


    Is DC universe your forte? Then this the ideal MMORPG for you. DC Universe Online allows you to create ow, the original character. The character interacts with the villains and heroes of DC universe. Pick everything from character traits to superpowers. Ultimately, earn a spot on the Justice League Society or League roster if you feel villainous.


    Keep at it — you can easily level up your villain or hero and finally become a main player in DC universe. To prevent things from being monotonous, DC does an amazing job of updating DC universe regularly. Therefore, there is typically fresh content that is always popping in so that things never get stale.


    Infamous: Second Son


    Ever desired to be a superhero and discover what the heck you’d do with powers? Then this incredible open

    world game is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. The game was released in 2014. It drops you right into the shoes of an individual with enhanced abilities. You are the one to decide what happens next.


    You can opt to be a villain or a hero. The game play promises to be topnotch across board. It boasts an out of this world combat system. Admittedly, it is not precisely a superheroe per se, but it is certainly close enough … oh boy isn’t it fun.


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


    In the recent past, there has been an array of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games. As much as you would assume, they vary in quality. Nonetheless, in 1991, the franchise arguably reached its zenith with the SNES title. It finds Turtles fighting Shredder together with his goons throughout.


    Surely, it is a side scrolling beat them up to its core. The good thing about the game is the fact that it manages to rarely be repetitive. There is no doubt that the game was so good. In fact, in 2009, it was remade for modern consoles. It remaking so it come with updated graphics as well as re-recorded voicework. The modern version has plenty of fun. Nevertheless, it misses a bit of original’s nostalgic charm.


    Injustice: Gods Among Us


    Together with the Arkham series, this game is the other big DC that surely oozes with greatness. A fighting game, it is incredibly set on a world where Superman set ups a new order. This is after being tricked into murder Lois Lane as well as destroying Metropolis.


    In an attempt to try and stop him, Batman gets some assistance from mainstream heroes of DC universe. Without a cloud of doubt, the fighting mechanics were beyond fantastic. The storyline also kept the game hopping. Another great thing about this game is the fact that it was also excellent to inspire parts of Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice.


    The Wonderful 101


    Nintendo is highly popular with pushing the boundaries for creativity. The Wonderful 101 is Nintendo’s quirky take when it comes to superhero genre. This animal themed superheroes action adventure plays out from an isometric viewpoint.


    You’ll quickly jump from enlisting new heroes and growing the team to solving puzzles as well as fighting off alien adversaries within a fantastical world. mostly, the game ran under the radar. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a contemplary superhero game, which thinks outside the box, then this is it.


    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance On Bet365 Vegas


    An action packed RPG; this game hit shelves in 2006. It proved a commercial and critical hit on everything from Xbox 360 to PS3. The game features two dozen playable characters from Black Panther to Spider-Woman. Of course, major players such as Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Captain America are equally well represented. Marvel has exploded onto so many casino slot games too, like the branded games in bet365 casino. If you want to play and need to know how to claim the bonus code, read this bet365 bonus tutorial. The game also crams in many villains from Doctor Doom to MODOK.


    Spider-Man 2


    Undeniably, the maiden two installments of Spider-Man were the best versions put to film. Spider-Man 2 carries a similar honor. The game was released in 2004 with major consoles of the time such as GameCube, Xbox, and Playstation 2 etc. Spider-Man 2 does an amazing job of perfectly bringing the web slinging fun of the world of Spider-Man to life.


    Spidey faces off against a number of rogues from comic canon. Gliding from one building to another and blasting web has feelings that remain completely hard to match. For anyone that dreams of being Spider-Man, then this game is worth digging up for vintage gaming.


    Freedom Force


    Freedom Force is an oldie, but surely a goodie. A real-time tactical game, this 2002 PC game is set in an environment where folks gain superpowers. Individuals have to defend the beautiful Patriot City from monsters and villains.


    The game features a few different characters that bring different abilities and traits to the table. as much as the game dates way back to 2002, it holds pretty well. Depending on how new you are, you can still track Freedom Force on Steam.


    Earthworm Jim 2


    You gotta love the 90s. For a brief time, the Earthworm Jim franchise was unquestionably a monster hit. Along the way, it spawned an awesome animated series and a couple of fantastic video games. Earthworm Jim 1 was great. However, Earthworm Jim 2 was the real deal. The game was a weird and witty plat former. Earthworm Jim, the hero, looks to save a princess. This is a another game you ought to try not only on this video game month, but beyond.


    The above are some of the top superhero games you ought to try not only in June but beyond. They bring with them everything you can ever look forward in an intense video game. other games that should be in the above list include Marvel Heroes, and LEGO Marvel Superheroes. Try them today and discover their magic.

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  • Mario-casino-gaming

    The Evolution of Video Games In 2017 & Beyond

    As a kid, I used to love playing video games, I remember loading up games from tape on my ZX Spectrum eagerly awaiting the blocky pixel games which were so basic that you only required one or 2 buttons at most.

    I also remember thinking how far ahead my Atari ST was when I got it – load times were blisteringly quick (yeah right! Compared to the Spectrum, though, they were! This was also my first console which had a dedicated controller, albeit a clunky joystick with one single button for me to frantically mash on my favourite 2d “boxing” game.

    I then went through consoles in quick succession, often having 2 or even three at a time, the NES (and then SNES) With one of my all-time favourite platform games, Mario – which I played through several times, including on the Nintendo 64 (wasn’t Super Mario 64 just great?!) Before long, consoles were evolving at a ridiculous rate, it was time to say “So long, dear Bowser!” one last time and move on from the hours of fun on Mario, and trying to beat my fastest lap times on V-Rally and move on to the next big thing, the PS3 – This is where gaming came into its own, with online becoming more common, everyone seemed to have a console.

    Games were no longer single player, or multi player if your mates could come round after school, you could connect any time, and play a friend, or a complete stranger – and that, I think, is what really made video games take off in a fashion we’d not seen before. Console releases were more frequent, with all of the big games adding some form of online play, whether it was GTA evolving from its top down 2d look, to it’s almost photo realistic immersive world play online today, or the likes of Call of Duty which have players not only laughing in joy when winning, but wanting to smash their console when losing!

    Nowadays, children spend more time indoors playing console and PC based video games, and whilst I may sound like that is how my childhood was spent, I fondly remember spending most of my childhood outside with friends, something that is a lot less frequent in today’s youth – the world has changed due to technology, with even Smartphones (which almost every person over the age of 12 has these days!) and don’t forget that even the most cost effective android tv box is getting a slice of the video game market, there’s never a moment when the current generation is far from the ability to play a game.

    Gaming has come on leaps and bounds over the past 20 or so years, from 2d games with very few pixels or functions, to games which allow you to do almost anything, in a virtual world which looks like the real world – and things are only going to evolve further, virtual reality is becoming a thing, and it does beg the question – how long before people spend more time in a virtual world than a real world?

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  • Winning the Lottery: The Beginning or the Beginning of the End?

    Have you ever thought about how your life would change if you won the lottery? Or what you would do with your winnings? Have you ever wondered how it would change you as a person? I expect that many of us have fantasized about hitting the jackpot, confident that our woes in life would then be over. However, I’m not convinced that it would be quite that easy.

    Of course there are plenty of perks to winning a boat load of cash. Having debt of any kind; credit cards, student loans, mortgages; would suddenly be a thing of the past. Traveling the world would no longer take much planning or saving since you’d have a seemingly endless amount of money at your fingertips. Acquiring millions would also afford you the luxury of owning all the toys you might want; fancy cars, boats, vacation homes. Winning the lottery could be a game changer for not only the person with the big ticket, but for the family and friends closest to them. But it’s hard to say whether this is a winning game or a losing game.

    Believe it or not, there is an ugly underbelly to all the glamour and excitement. The allure of a chance to win, no matter how slim, is what often draws people in. And if a person is already struggling with finances, the last thing they can afford is a pipe dream. But those struggling are the ones in most need of money, and therefore are the ones who are more likely to buy lottery tickets, contributing to their incessant financial struggle. And what if said person did win big? Coming into so much wealth so quickly may be a shock to the system and put a strain on relationships. Old friends and family may crawl out of the woodwork hoping for a piece of the action. Strangers may come from near and far with every type of sob story imaginable, true or false, in search of a hand out. Lawsuits and scams become more of a possibility. A big lottery winner could easily become a target for all types of nasty things.

    If you have the idea that money is limitless and has no end, then you’re most likely living in a fantasy world. For the majority of us here on Earth, money is not endless. If you were to go from having very little financially to having millions, it could be easy for a false sense of reality to set in. If you’re not smart with your cash, no matter how much cash it is, it can eventually run out. A big house here, a new car there, vacations every other week, and many expensive meals and fancy clothes in between. Pretty soon the well is going to run dry and it’d be back to square one for you. You wouldn’t pass GO, you wouldn’t collect $200, you’d be right back in the financial pickle which you began. And possibly in an even bigger pickle. This time you may be completely bankrupt without even a nickel in your pocket. Squandering away riches on an overly lavish lifestyle could be easy to do if you become money-drunk.

    Though it may not sound like it, I don’t think that winning the lottery is a bad thing. Heck, I even buy myself a ticket from time to time from buy lotto online. I do think, however, that it’s important to remember that being wealthy wouldn’t solve your every problem or be the key to ultimate happiness. If you ever do strike it rich, try to keep perspective and be humble. Find a good, trustworthy financial advisor to help you invest your money wisely. Be smart and try to live below your means. Perhaps find a worthwhile charity with which to share some of your money; sharing your wealth would be benefiting those in need and it may also help to keep greed at bay. I don’t believe that money is the root of all evil, I believe that greed is the root of all evil and, unfortunately, money and greed often go hand in hand.

    So go ahead and have a little fun with it. Buy yourself a lottery ticket from time to time. Just remember that if you do strike gold, don’t lose your head or your sense of self in the process.

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  • iOS & iPhone 7 vs. Android & Galaxy S7: Gamer Edition

    The iOS versus Android debate may be one of the biggest in the last five years. But with iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 newly on the market, which one gives gamers what they need? Some of the best mobile games are exclusively iOS or Android, and with the newest, most state of the art specs, one device must be crowned champion of the mobile gaming universe. Here’s a look at both phones, both operating systems and the some of the best exclusive games they feature.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone is a common point of conversation...and arguments!

    Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone is a common point of conversation…and arguments!

    Phone vs. Phone

    First up, the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7.

    Design: The premise of both of these phones is fairly simple—if you’ve used a previous version of either, then you’ll know exactly how to get the most out of the 7th edition. The Samsung Galaxy S7 continues the dual glass design with a curved back that makes it comfortable to hold. The iPhone 7, on the other hand, is smaller and provides an easier handling experience for those who don’t have large hands. Of course, the Galaxy S7 has the traditional headphone jack, while the iPhone 7 did away with this completely. Although the wireless earbuds make for an interest tech experiment, just having the option of normal wired headphones gives the Galaxy S7 some bonus points over its closest competitor.

    Display: While the larger build of the Galaxy S7 may lose points if you have hands on the smaller side, it allows the phone to have a larger screen for a more satisfying gaming experience. Furthermore, this Android device boasts Quad HD resolution compared with the iPhone 7’s 1334×750 pixel density. Thus far, the Galaxy S7 wins on all fronts.

    Performance: When you compare performance on these devices, you’re comparing apples (pun intended) and oranges. Both phones and their operating systems have very different specifications that must be met if each phone is to run optimally. Both phones run smoothly and the high rated apps compliment the strengths of each of these phones. However, on paper the Galaxy S7 takes the lion’s share of the points. For instance, the Galaxy S7 has 4GB of RAM compared with the iPhone 7’s 2GBs. Again, iOS is a different fruit than Android and, while the numbers favor Samsung’s device, both phones perform wonderfully.

    iOS Exclusives:

    Beat Sneak Bandit: This game is a classic side-scroller with a twist. Your character can only change directions when he encounters an obstacle. You must dodge, sneak and trick your way past police to steal clocks back from the nebulous villain, Duke Clockface. Yeah, yeah, this game isn’t Hemingway, but it does combine rhythm, stealth and puzzle games into one immersive experience.

    Incoboto: This game is a physics puzzle game in which you play as a little boy who is likely the last person in the universe. You’re accompanied by a sentient sun in your quest to restore life to suns that have been extinguished. This game boasts some fantastic art in it as well.

    MacGuffin’s Curse: This game is a werewolf comedy puzzle adventure. With subtle humor, you must work your way through logic puzzles while changing from man to wolf and back again. This game draws from the traditions of early dungeon crawl games.

    Android Exclusives:

    Beyond Space Remastered: This space flight, dog fight simulator is an immersive spaceship battle game. Pilot your own craft and dog fight enemies, fulfill objectives, and complete the story line. Great for anyone who’s ever wanted to pilot an X-Wing.

    I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream: Derived from the book of the same title by Harlan Ellison, this game is reminiscent of old school RPGs. Dystopia, science fiction and immersive story telling have you uncover the mysteries and miseries of the human race—a deeply philosophical game.

    Puddle +: Play as a puddle of water and traverse bizarre puzzle landscapes in this fluid and highly-rated puzzle game that employs realistic physics to make you think outside the box.


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  • Android Slots: A Path Not Taken (Thanks to Google)

    Starting with the late 2000s, mobile has played an increasingly important part in our lives – especially after the release of the first smartphone as we know it. Although large-screen phones (technically smartphones) have existed before the release of the iPhone, most of us didn’t see them as a device to crave, but rather a curiosity. Mostly because, although packed with a ton of work-related applications, they were usually not the perfect tool for keeping us entertained. This all changed after the iPhone, the advent of the “App”, and the mobile boom that followed. As you might expect, mobile has seeped into all industries, from finances to shopping, services, and – especially – entertainment. Even the real money kind.

    Mobile slots – a short history

    The first mobile slot machines were launched before phones became smart. The first mobile casino app – or “applet”, as the times’ Java mobile applications were known – was released in 2006, to limited success. The phones of those times weren’t smart enough, and their screens weren’t large enough, to offer a meaningful gaming experience to the masses. By the early 2010, when http://www.europalace.com/ was launched, things have changed a bit (the iPhone was released, and the phones have changed fundamentally). As most of its sisters, the Euro Palace had its own mobile slots to offer, but to no avail. Players did want to play their preferred games on the go, but with the turmoil around Flash, and no viable alternatives, things were not what I would call “peachy” for developers.

    The Euro Palace, as well as their sisters, have released their own native apps to run on most major smartphone platforms. Soon, they ran into an unexpected obstacle, though – in 2013, Google (which is not too friendly toward online gambling as a whole) has banned the listing of real money gaming apps in its app marketplace, and Apple soon followed suite. Euro Palace players were left without a way to play their favorite games on the go. Luckily for them, HTML5 was already a thing by this time, allowing the Euro Palace to offer them an alternative. And it has proven to be a viable one, and even an example for other developers to follow.

    Mobile slots in mobile browsers

    Along with a handful of other developers, the Euro Palace still offers its players a downloadable casino suite, capable of running on a Windows PC. As operating systems are more diverse today than they were at the beginnings of the industry, the focus has shifted toward browsers – all new games are now released in a desktop browser form today. The same has happened on mobile: many new games released nowadays come with an HTML5 version, one that players can run on their smartphones, no matter what OS it may run. Which is, come to think of it, a good thing.

    Google’s decision changed the fate of mobile casinos – and it changed it for the better.

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  • From Gaming Geek To Casino Statsman : Use Your Head Over Your Heart

    When it comes to playing games, we all have or had our favorite games and in those games we have certain parts that we so much enjoy. Online casino games are similar to traditional or live casinos only that they are played virtually using computers.

    Out of all the available games that can be played, there are those which are more appealing to particular individuals that bring them a lot of fun.

    Online mobile casino games are enjoyed because they are way more convenient than the live casinos, although their functioning is almost the same – like the current Royal Vegas app (download it here). Apart from having fun, there is that interesting aspect of free money offers if you win! Blackjack, slots, craps and arcade games are a few popular examples of online casino games that rock the world of money.

    Where To Start?

    The best thing about them is that a big variety is available in almost every online casino. And If you are a beginner, it is very easy for you to understand how they are played, and the instructions of playing are also easy to follow.


    This game does not only give you the opportunity to make your choices in every step of the game (which is very interesting) but it is also a relatively simple and fast game.

    The objective is to have your hand full of cards with points that equal close to 21 but not above 21. Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 and Aces are worth 1 or 11, whichever the player‘s wish is. The best hand to get is a Blackjack (Ace and a Ten) which rewards double.


    In this game, three reels spin. For one to win, they need to get three similar symbols lined in the middle. The winning streak could also be on the bottom row or middle row, diagonal or zigzag. The slots game software will let you know of each win.


    • The difference between the American and European Roulette is that the American Roulette has a “00” added to the wheel. Except for this minor difference, the playing method is the same way.
    • Players place bets on any of the numbers on the board, and they can also bet on doubles, rows, corners and sixes, but they can also place outside bets.
    • After players have placed the bets, the dealer spins the wheel. The white ball is released in the opposite direction. The winner of the game is the one whose area the ball falls into.

    The Best Way to Play at a Mobile Casino

    Remove Reverse Withdrawal Facility

    Do not allow yourself to become over-enthusiastic about your wins. This can cause you to make mistakes and to take unusual risks. Some casinos allow you to continue accessing your money for some time when you have actually been out of cash for awhile. Remove this reverse withdrawal facility at the beginning of your game.

    Understand Variance in Slots

    While playing slots, you should get to know slot variance before sitting down and getting started. The lower your slot variance, the lower your risk of losing.

    Fix a budget before you attempt to play on any given day. This will ensure that you keep control of the amount being played with. If you play freely without a budget in mind, it can lead to significant losses that you might regret later. Playing in a casino is fun but in order to have the means to play for the long run and reap the benefits, you need to have a strategy and stick with it.

    Playing with a budget at an online casino essentially helps to safeguard your hard earned money against loss and liquidation. Play safe and enjoy the game.

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  • Mario-casino-gaming

    The Development of Games Featured In Mobile Casinos In 2016

    One of the biggest limiting factors in casino gaming has always been the fact that people often do not live in proximity to any casino. Even the people who live in Las Vegas don’t go there on a regular basis. While online casinos have largely solved this problem, the rise of the mobile casino has eliminated it altogether. People can now play casino games on almost any mobile device from almost any location. American players are still going to have a hard time playing their casino games, since most online casinos still do not admit American players. However, mobile casinos themselves have managed to liberate people in ways that they could never have imagined.

    When people go to the catalogue of casino games at any online casino gaming website, they will literally find hundreds of different options for games, slots and live dealer tables. Usually, the casinos will easily indicate whether or not given games are available on the mobile version of the site as well as the desktop version. There should be some sort of icon that is going to give people the information that they need. From there, they should be on their way to playing on the highly developed mobile gaming casinos of today.

    Many slot games are going to be available in the mobile format as well as the standard desktop format. People should be able to find table games represented there as well. In terms of numbers, the mobile slot games are going to be ahead, and this is largely a function of the fact that mobile casino slot games are just more prevalent than the table games. People do play dozens of different versions of roulette and blackjack in particular. Some casino websites have slot games and scratch ticket games as well. Bingo, too, is on the up rise with so many UK, Australian and European bookies offering bingo bonuses to lure in the female audiences.

    People will usually need to download mobile casino gaming apps onto their phones in order to play the casino games that they want, like the selection available at http://www.xnetentcasinos.com. The app is literally an application that is necessary for people to use the games on the mobile casino website itself, which is where the games are presented and stored. The app and the mobile casino themselves are therefore not exactly the same, but the app enables the development and constant update of software.

    Mobile casino games are playable on the majority of modern smartphones. Anything from the original Samsung galaxy range to the early iPhone, iPod touch and iPad should be more than capable of running most apps. A vast amount of bookmakers and casino giants have plenty games ready to play just through the browser, assuming the user has flash enabled.

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  • The True Story of The Great Atari Game Burial & The Real E.T.s Below New Mexico’s Sands

    The date is April 14, 2014, the location: Alamogordo, New Mexico. A team of excavators have been working for the past month at a local landfill and they’ve just struck what they’ve been looking for. Buried far down in the New Mexican soil, seeing the sunlight for the first time in twenty years, is the cover of one of the biggest commercial and critical failures in the history of video games, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600. Along with other games like Star Raiders, Defender, Warlord, and even popular well selling titles like Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Pac-man, E.T. Cartridges make up this Atari burial ground that speaks an odd yet solemn testament to bad business practices and a dark age for video games.

    In 1983 the bottom fell out of what had been a somewhat booming video game industry. Facing severe financial problems and game titles that were simply not selling thanks to a string of bad business decisions, Atari decided very literally to bury the problem and in September of ‘83 began secretly dumping unsold inventory from their El Paso, Texas facility into the Alamogordo city landfill. In one report from Alamogordo Times as many as ten to twenty full semi-truckloads were crushed and buried in the landfill. Shortly after dumping commenced grave robbers began looting the site, bringing up copies of Atari cartridges and unused game systems, this led the pouring of a concrete layer over the burial ground to prevent further unsolicited investigation.

    The story of the great Atari burial is such an odd one in the history of American business and the video game industry that many people began to believe the story only to be a myth and it may have kept its legendary status if it hadn’t been for Fuel industries, an entertainment company out of Canada, acquiring digging rights to the landfill for six months. It didn’t take the team of Archaeologists, excavators, and retro videogame enthusiasts even half that long though, and they’d hit payload within the first month of digging. 1300 Atari cartridges were recovered from the dig site, proving once and for all that the strange story of the great Atari burial is a true one. A fraction of the found cartridges were split between the New Mexico Space Museum, the producers of the documentary that led to the excavation, Atari: Game Over, as well as one of the copies of the unearthed E.T. cartridges going to the Smithsonian for display. The city of Alamogordo authorized the sale of some 880 cartridges from the excavation in September of 2014 and as of 2015 has made over $100,000 to fund a museum to commemorate the burial on the site.

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  • Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper

    Video Game Industry at a Turning Point with the Approach of E3

    The sales of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 continue to move rapidly with a sense of transition looming over the video game sector. The cumulative sales of PS4 and the Xbox One are higher by over 40 percent compared to their predecessors after two and a half years in the market. The impending kick-off of Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 on June 14, 2016, emphasizes the turning point in the gaming industry. The annual trade fair in the gaming industry takes place in Los Angeles. Video game publishers and manufacturers of accessories use this platform to advertise and introduce game-related merchandise and upcoming games. E3 is an industry –only trade where the individuals who want to attend have to verify that they have a professional link to the video-game industry.

    According to the managing director at Equity Research for Wedbush Securities, Michael Patcher, this year’s E3 is set to have a notably different feel to it. In 2015, E3 was more about big games such as Star Wars: Battlefront, Halo 5, Fallout 4 and the long-anticipated return of the Last Guardian. The later was initially introduced in 2009 but has been MIA since then. The 2016 E3 is rumored to be more focused on hardware.

    Industry giants such as Microsoft and Sony are expected to both launch updated versions of their console systems. Patcher mentions that it is not clear if the new hardware from Microsoft will be considerably stronger than the existing versions of the Xbox One. However, he does state that Sony is expected to launch a PS4 that is more advanced and optimized for 4K gaming and Virtual reality. The two features would need significantly resilient computer and graphics processing chips. Sony is also set to display its PlayStation VR headset. HTC, Samsung, and Oculus will also be present at the show as a result of the virtual reality headsets they recently launched.

    Virtual reality is still a few years away from becoming mainstream and is still in the phase of attempting to demonstrate to people what the prospects are. Eric Handler who is a senior equity analyst at MKM Research thinks that companies are likely to use E3 to lay the groundwork.

    Amidst all the focus on hardware, Nintendo has stated that it has no intentions of divulging any details related to its looming new system. The system, code-named NX is set to launch in early 2017. As an alternative, the company has adopted an all-or-nothing strategy to this year’s E3. It has focused on one playable game, The Legend of Zelda. The Wii U version of this long-awaited game will dictate Nintendo’s presence.

    Another aspect that makes this year’s E3 a different looking show is the fact that the two largest publishers in the industry, Electronic Arts, and Activision have opted not to host booths. Instead, EA is scheduled to host a competing show across the street that is open to the public. These moves have brought up queries about the future of E3 with some people wondering if it is losing its spot as a tent pole event in the video gaming industry.

    Analysts are split with some like Handler pointing out that there are still many games that people would want to see, so there is no need to downplay E3. Here are some of the anticipated games in this year’s E3.

    l Crackdown 3 (Microsoft)

    There has been little said about the most recent title in the incredibly destructive, open-world gun romp by Microsoft. However, we hope for a surprise appearance on the floor of the show. Have a look at this podcast on the creative process by Reagant Games, the developer to see how integrating things look.

    l Detroit: Become Human (Sony)

    The intriguing Sony exclusive which is the newest title from Quantic Dream is a timely tale of intelligent human-like droids that are in search of acceptance and purpose. They are more likely to discern tragedy and quick-time events. Here is a sneak peek into the game.

    l Legend of Zelda Wii U

    The latest title in the renowned role-playing series is likely to be something of a last hooray for the besieged Wii U. With an aptitude of massive open environments and a nearly Ghibli-like visual sheen; it ought to be a magnificent send off for the machine.

    l Dishonored 2 (Bethesda)

    The follow-up to Arkane’s visually unforgettable stealth adventure adds new locations and an innovative playable character, Emily Kaldwin. It also promises a familiar mix of fascinating narrative and stimulating mechanics.

    l Kona (Parabole)

    The mystery survival adventure is set in a snowy 1970s Nothern Canada. It promises a cross between The Long Dark and Alan Wake, making it more intriguing.

    You can see more anticipated games here.

    On the other hand, Patcher feels that the separate event hosted by EA and others by publishers outside the E3 timeline can hurt the industry. He argues that as EA attempts to have the best of both worlds, abandoning the E3 floor is a threat to the well-being of the industry since they are among the largest players. If other players follow this choice, E3 is likely to suffer tremendously in future. Patcher is, however, less worried about Activision’s resolution to bypass the trade show. He says that this year, the company has a light lineup of titles, and he expects that it will return to E3 in 2017 in force.

    With the absence of EA and Activision, Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive Software will be more poised to gain additional attention. Take-Two has shifted to the prominent floor space where EA previously was, saluting people as they go into the Los Angeles Convention Center’s South Hall. The company is set to showcase Sid Meier’s Civilization VI and Mafia III.  Ubisoft is undergoing a battle for the company’s control with Vivendi and will showcase the sequel to Watch Dogs and South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It will also display Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and an innovative intellectual property. Additionally, Ubisoft will also shine a spotlight on its PlayStation VR title, Eagle Flight.

    The E3 show floor does not open until June 14th, but E3 begins unofficially two days before. On June 13th, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony are all set to hold press conferences.

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